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Monday, October 02, 2006

Moolah and Pony

Damn Money, or lack of it.

This term so far looks like this:

Begining of year, before loan goes in : - £700 ish
Loan: + £1000ish
RENT: £1200
End of term BEFORE FOOD: - £900

Its not the rents fault, its just that this term is gay and requires lots of months, it should balance out, next term where for a grand you only have 600 quid rent, for 2 terms, but thats not the point, the numbers are ugly and i "need" a new helmet, gloves, and cleats. none fo which i NEED but all of which are a terribly good idea due to the whole "impact" thing that comes with MTBing.
and then theres food of course, around 160 quid a term, and wear and tear on bikes, ie, chains and bits wot get broked. not that it can be helped, but its still GAY.
I think to make myself feel better im going to forcast next years spending a bit, and also chase the inland revenue some more to get that tax back, the buggers.


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