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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Smart Robots, Inc.

Smart Robots, Inc. : The SR4 Office Robot

"I have a project folder I wish to send to Kate Rahn, who works up on the next floor on the other side of the building. I hit the 'Robot Pool' Icon on my desktop computer and up pops a task form, pre-filled with my own desk ID and name. I key in the end-destination I will want, check a task selection (in this case, 'Delivery') and press 'Submit'. If I don’t happen to know Kate’s desk ID by heart, I can key her name (or enough for the PC to recognize who I am talking about - or I can browse the employee directory for her destination ID).
In a moment, up pops a message that indicates that robot R17 is on its way to my desk and gives me an estimated time of arrival (ETA). 'Great', I exclaim silently to myself - R17 is one of my favorites; painted ‘round its body with a scene from the Rocky Mountains.
Shortly, R17 wheels up to my desk and announces itself in a soft robotic voice. I place the project folder in the robot's carry-tray, select the 'GO' button on the robot task form on my PC and off the robot scoots to make it's way to Kate's desk. In the meantime, a message appears on Kate's PC that R17 is on its way, sent by me, and with an ETA countdown-minutes digital-indicator beside the message.
Following internally stored facility-maps of the building, the robot tracks the shortest path to the elevator, calls and operates the elevator digitally, avoids people and obstacles (objects not on the maps), and shortly arrives at Kate's desk. Kate's not there. The robot waits patiently for an appropriate period of time, dispenses its carry-tray's contents into Kate's in-basket and then heads for the nearest robot pool location.
Robots also grab coffee and snacks from the Starbuck's cafe on the first floor, deliver and/or retrieve copies"

How cool is that!!! can i have one?. Makes you want an office job for a week


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