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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tattoos are bought, scars are earned

Clicky Picys for 800x600s

Its gonna be one to be proud of this one

This one is foul, caution advised!

Thats 11, count em and weep

No idea what i did to provoke this attack, chain ring decided to try and eat me,
I can feel the stitches pulling, but the anesthetic is still working, im gonna be sooo sore 2morow, think the only reason i only munch myself on roadie rides, is cause dirt has give, tarma dosent. ho hum, nighty night boys and girls


Blogger Spikyt said...

Jesus Christ dude thats my dinner out the window!!! I bet that smarts today, boy tell me you didnt take those photos before going to hospital>!>!>!

12:22 pm


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