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Monday, July 04, 2005

Shizzle my Nizzle

What a pleasent afternoon it has been, and how much entertainment can be gained by ading 'izzle' to any word or

For instance:
hizzle nizzle to the tizzle double dizzle, on televizzle, special edition D-V-dizzle, Having a BB-quizzle, making

a fizzle and a sizzle. For rizzle my nizzle!
or alternativly
Hannah Todd, on tv, on a special edition dvd, having a BBQ, making sizzling noizes. Definatly my afro-american


Well it kept us entertained for hours. and its part of my human rights to say what ii want damn it! (as its

independance day). Anyhoo, we finaly indulged int eh heaviest pick and mix ever, which formulates a master plan,
1 P&M cup, full of nothing but chocolate raisins and chocolate covered honey comb pieces, mixed upwhile watching an

ace film, for instance, AVP. genius, we thought.
[20:33 04/07/2005]


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