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Monday, October 15, 2007

of grass being greener, and growing faster, on the other side

from what i understand (and it is understandable) people spend their entire (genuinely entire) working lives trying to escape the cube farm. so how come no one will let me in one?!?!

i'm praying (yes its getting religious) that once driving is undercontrol i should get in to one without toooo much of a problem, and im getting all the dim replyio applications out of the way for free. I'm telling everyone this, but that only highlights how little there is going on in my life at the moment; categorically, nothing.)

Then again, maybe i'm just not what people are looking for. call me a pessimist.... "you pessamist"... but outlook at the moment is so bleak.
Am bored of the everlasting holiday, and hoovering and mowing are getting repetative, the grass dosent grow fast enough to warrent it, and the carpet dosent bloody grow at all!
the Cat and I are going to get fat.


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