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Thursday, October 04, 2007


While looking for the correct spelling of Husqvarna for a raather witty msn message;

"By the power of my Husqvarna, i shall smite the crap out of you"

(i was strimming some long medow to within an inch of its life) i came across das Automower.
its pretty cool, and a nice idea. i dunno how much it would cost though.
However, the programming on it looks far too simple for my liking :S
its got no system to its mowing, a completley random pattern, which the website claims makes for a even lawn with no patter visible. but it also means there are little tufts which by the rules of chaos theory (if you can call them rules, being chaos) which will never get cut, or very rarely.
Anyhoo, the point i was getting at;
I could SO make a better one ;-p
and why isnt is solar powered too?


Blogger Josie said...

mmm, as you only ever mow the lawn in good weather
wet grass = dim mowio

10:20 pm


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