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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Ignore this post

A Post about my lack of posts
Ive so much to say, but im just to lazy to go into the details of things. Maybe if i could be bothered, ide be some famous activist, or change the world or somat, and the internet is the best form of communication (apart from two yoghurt tubs and some string obviously, but that goes without saying, so i wont) but i just cant be bothered. maybe i'll do it some day, spread the good word of the truth about religion, and politics, and the cure for cancer (im still working on the later to be honest, but one day...) but as it stands, i just cant work up the enthusiasm, and if i type quickly, it all goes mangled, which means putting it alll down to text takes time and brain effort, which is definatly undisputedly a bad thing. Nehoo, ill shut up now as im waffling (although tbh, i was waffling from the outset) Good-day, much love.XXX


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