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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Thought for the day

Next time you indulge in a peanut butter sarnie, or whatever, take your PB, close your eyes and take a deep sniff, while doing so, think 'Meths'. I hypothisise, that they are one and the same.
(I am currently using Sunpat smooth btw)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:26 am

Blogger Nick said...

I see you too are being blog spammed.

not ever having used sunpat or smooth, one because sunpat is sweetened and chemicalised, two SMOOTH! thats disgraceful, the whole point of peanut butter is it has chuncks of peanuts in it. you'd complain if you got a smooth satay (well if you have taste anyway) so why use smooth peanut butter?

I actually went and tested you hypothesis using a bottle of meths and a jar of unsweetened chunky peanut butter and have to say I disagree pal, there is no similarity between unsweetened chunky peanut butter and meths, and i know from past experience there definatly isnt in tase, one is nuce andrich and full of flavour, the other just numbs everything, whilst at the same time feeling like its trying to rip your throat out from the inside out.

12:38 am


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