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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Its that time again, another Howies esque moment, im still awake at 00:37 and thinking about the world. No pictures, just simple pure waffle. Magic.
This episode, ide like to mumble to myself about Letters.
I dont write enough letters i have concluded. i need (along with many other things) a small letter set/book. which contains the following
  • A pad of paper, not so small its hard to write easily on, not so big its unweildy
  • Some white envelopes, A7 size i think would be about right
  • A book of first class stamps
  • An address book/list, because im rubbish with addresses

On second thoughts, ive pretty much always got paper with me, so woudlent need the paper?then again, its always useeful i guess, because i dont ALWAY have paper with me, that would be weird. This way, i can write random letters to fill time on trains, on the concourse, waiting for people, etc etc. Keep in touch theold fashioned way, snail mail n that.

on a side note, there is both a new Muse album, and the trailer to Halo 3 out, Phat!


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