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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A post i wrote myself for a change

What can i say. Its been a pretty gash term so far
Started off ok ish i guess, but work load is insane, compared to last year (not that it wasnt expected) but it was cool, with night street riding making life all that much more fun. But then proceeding to bugger up arm at the beginng of term, and foot a month ago, means no riding for me, weekends of sitting about considering doing work, and not getting out and getting filthy, suck ass. So much so in fact that Lathargic isnt the word, less and less work gets done, less and less people get seen, Going out less and less, all in all, life sucked. The XCMTB blog, if you bothered to look, has died aswell. But now the bulk of essays are out the way, the foot is on the mend, and i have some sexual tastic retro forks on Spike (the jump bike) i think we may be on thee way up
Blog is due for a revamp too i think, going to remove all the crap from the side menu, and make it a little more slick down the bottom, like nearer the top, ill start up MTB as well, and once ive got my camera sorted out, as its full of mud at the moment, which is neevr good, ill get some pictures going too. I must now go intot town and see el Doc. and possibly pop into a shop or two, as its been over a month since ive left the house properly, without a major mission plan at least. tempting fate, but i feel life is on the up again. we will see guess, depends how much work i get done this afternoon.
All my love. Me x


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